Say "No-Way"

to the Old-Way

A better way to authenticate and verify your users.
More secure, efficient, perfect for your business.
Also, in addition, let your users interact with you better.

What is OTP?

OTP (One Time Password) is a verification code or one-time password that verifies or authenticates user information, online transaction, and access to application.


As Easy As These 3 Simple Steps

1. Verification Request

Your user requests OTP to access your application by clicking
"Request OTP"

2. Verification Process

Client submits a code request to Kreddo then Kreddo returns the verification result to the client

3. Seamlessly Verified!

Client provides the code to the user, by WhatsApp API, and the user gets verified instantly

Seamless Reliable Secure |

✌️selfVerify OTP

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OTP Channel
Monthly OTP code managed
OTP code sent (ytd)


selfVerify Benefits

Safe Verification, Save Cost

SelfVerify OTP delivers fast, better customer experience, creates reliable interaction and expense saving opportunity.


Reduce a 2-step messages
to 1-step message


Cutting the complexity
in OTP process


Verified in a
single touch

Security as Our Priority

Put security first on
data and process


Simple integration
via API

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selfVerify Usage

How Businesses Use selfVerify

Two-factors Authentication

Add an extra layer of protection in your systems, without adding complexity to your users.

Reset or Forget Password

Use selfVerify to authenticate users before password resets, instead of sending verification codes by email

Data Verification

Regularly update your users' data with selfVerify OTP to make sure that users can be reached

Application Login

Verify the user login request with a faster, seamless and better solution

Transaction Authentication

Ensure safe transactions by adding another layer of protection

Passwordless Login

Get rid of passwords, use selfVerify OTP to login!


Try ✌️selfVerify and See the Difference

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